Da vinci code ps2 pentagram

Sal a la terraza.
First things first, there is a creepy monk walking away from you.You'll go through many longwinded cutscenes here, but basically you'll be searching "The Last Supper".Selecciona los productos químicos y pulsa X para descubrir un Botiquín.The drawer on the bottom left is locked, but once again, the priory ring is the key to unlock.Examina la estantería para encontrar una Lata de Aceite y una Cizalla.Examina el cuadro con al Linterna AV y, en la parte inferior, verás huellas.Q - "Will you do my homework for me so I can finish this game." A - There will be a fee, and I hate Geometry, so if its Geometry, its going to be expensive!If you have an nvidia video card and this game works for you, consider yourself lucky.Pulsa los bloques en el orden de las letras de la palabra "Jerusalem".Coloca esta palabra en la fila central y se abrirá una caja en el suelo con una bandeja de bronce con las letras JRU grabadas.That's all you can do in here for now, so go out of this room and go to the door to the right (balcony) and enter.Machaca X para que Sophie se encarame al conducto y pase a la sala programma per ritagliare immagini dallo schermo de servidores.Now you need to turn the bridge so you can get to the mansion, so go down to the big spool just below the shed.Now, you can do what I did and run around for 45 minutes just lighting torches until you get lucky and the puzzle solves itself or you can do this: Starting from scratch before you've lit any torches, imagine the torches in a clock format.Put the steak in the bowl (You only need to put it in one bowl, the steak will appear in both bowls after you do it) Walk out of the cage and turn to the left (back towards the room with the freezers).You are done in here, so go aaaaaaaaall the way back to the Restoration Room where Shakespeare's Statue was.Examina su mano derecha: parece indicar algo bajo la cama.Ahora busca a Pedro: mira amenazante a María Magdalena.Het is best vaag en onduidelijk, maar dit is de logicawaar ik me aan heb gehouden tijdens het spelen." (It is important to note that for some reason the subject line of this e mail was in English) A -.You are now free to roam, but not much you need.Introduction Being that this is my first and probably only walkthrough I will ever do, I'll just say now that I originally just wrote this stuff down to help my wife when she played the game, and since there were no walkthroughs up for.
Turn to your left and head into the next room until you hit the railing, then turn right.
Once that is done, examine the tomb once again.

There are no enemies to fight or secrets to find.
Now head back to the large pillar room.