Samsung solid b2710 цена

samsung solid b2710 цена

It's a nice idea and the stitching is really impressive so it's a real shame that the picture resolution is so low.
Some lacking features one would be used to coming from AT T branded Samsung hardware kills the usability of an otherwise ideal rugged handset.Not to mention the built-in GPS voucher codes for pro direct running and flashlight (the flashlight being the only dedicated Hardware button on the phone other than Vol up/ Down).The chassis is crafted from tough plastic for durability, while the rubberised finish means that it has plenty of grip.Furthering the lack of buttons, the B2710 lacks a dedicated Camera button, despite having a decent 2MP shooter magliette happiness scontate on its back (a big up from the complete lack of one in the A657).Sound, alert types, vibration; Polyphonic(40 MP3 ringtones, loudspeaker.Yes.5mm jack, no - Active noise cancellation with dedicated mic.Other than these above issues, the handset has very nice call and voice quality, decent camera, and great hand-feel and awesome "military" specs for waterproofing, dustproofing, and shock resistance.The actual voice calling function is great and a lot better than on many much more highly priced handsets.A final software quirk is the Camera GUI is set up for landscape shooting orientation only, and will not rotate to Portrait mode regardless of the fact that the phone has a fully functional accelerometer that is used by other things such as the Compass.The left-hand edge of the phone reveals volume up and down controls, while the right-hand side includes a hidden mini USB for charging and attaching the supplied headphones.For instance, the "3G" or Task Switch button is missing on this platform.
So close to being the ideal rugged handset I've been searching for.