Sconti ibs 2018

This material had been preparing near 2,5 years.
Together with his colleagues he prepared nice and original songs.
CD-Maximum Instrumental / Symphonic Metal The album of this unique Ukrainian female band includes instrumental symphonic versions of several very famous and important songs of aria.
As at the offerte telefonia iper rossini pesaro previous albums here are present powerful guitar reefes, hit-choruses.CD-Maximum, portpc-design, 2002.85 seconds gone to format output.Please, choose your preferred country for download symfomania Aria Cat.CD-Maximum Heavy Metal The second full-length studio album of the young Ukrainian band.First of all, it's Sergey Skatchkov, the leader of the legendary rock band of 80's zemlyane.The string section, keyboards and drums of Symfomania creates a very special sound based on the elements of symphonic rock and classical music.CD-Maximum Heavy Metal The second solo album of Konstantin Seleznev - the leader of the factor straha band.Despite of being really far from pop-music standarts, the voice of Sergey is quite soft and romantic.Please, choose your preferred country for download inside YOU That Occurs Around Us Cat.The singer has a reach experience of work in different genres (including the main parts in musicals "Jesus Christ tagliare e unire video con avidemux Superstar" (Tambov) and "Master and Margarita" (Moscow).CD-Maximum Melodic Metal The new album of Russian melodic-metal band 5 stihiy.It surely will find a good response among fans of hard and melodious doom death metal with the special gothic atmosphere.The album contains two bonuses - video clips of Factor Straha for the songs "Vyshe sil" and "Noch and also selectively stories from humorous collection "Svetoprestavlenie".Virtuosic solos, high technical level of musicians.CD-Maximum Death Metal / Doom Metal This is the third studio album.This album was already favourably received by listeners as some of new songs were presented at the stage of many concerts scientifico da vinci milano and festivals, including famous Polish Metalmania.High quality melodic hard rock with unusual for Russian rock scene influences of love metal in the vein of HIM or rasmus with elements of Lo-fi sound.CD-Maximum Hard Rock / Rock This album was recorded by the musicians who are considered classics of the Russian rock scene since a long time.Unlike the first instrumental work this album is song.

CD-Maximum Heavy Metal The third long-awaited album of the Moscow band charizma.
In this album the band tried to open their potential as much as possible.