What is viral marketing campaigns

In a fantastic example of a surprise-and-delight style campaign, Royal Dutch Airlines used Foursquare checkins and Twitter to identify passengers waiting for their flights.
2011, back when Charlie Sheen had one of the most entertaining meltdowns of all time, the folks at m pounced.
Burger Kings Subservient Chicken Promotion.
Viral Marketing Example, a frequently used example of viral marketing is Hotmail, the free web-based email service that includes advertising in the messages users send and an embedded advertisement to the recipient to sign up for an account.The video would then stop and the coach would call you saying they needed you to come to the game.If your grammar was too poor, photos too scandalous, or friends too unseemly, you might not make the cut.The question must have been lurking in your mindwhy is it called Viral Marketing?Also, whether intentional taglia la frutta or not, it was a fantastic case study that proved how easily you can positively affect human behavior by taking an everyday activity and making it more fun.Dont start off brainstorming by saying, lets create a viral campaign or lets make a viral video.Pinterest is a great platform to find new crafts, exercise routines, life hacks, and general inspiration to do something really fun and different with your life. Then give it a try yourself, see what happens and then try, try again if necessary.Viral marketing is a deliberate enterprise, though the distribution of a message happens organically.Each part must be leveraged to create a successful viral marketing campaign.Viral Marketing Campaigns: What You Can Learn.
Viral Marketing Characteristics, all viral marketing examples deliberate or accidental have three things in common: the message, the messenger and the environment.